Welcome to Pain Cure And Physiotherapy Center

Pain Cure And Physiotherapy Center has offered a space for pain management properly without using any pain killer drugs. By using physical modalities such as manipulation therapy, soft tissue relaxation technique , some other special techniques & some theraputic equipments eg.Short wave diathermy, Micro wave diathermy, ultra sound therapy, Laser therapy, Interferential/TENS therapy,Wax,Infra red radiation etc.

Our physiotherapy center is well furnished, air conditioning,modern instrument facilities and male-female separated room as well as female physiotherapists available for female patients. We take a progressive approach to the treatment of pain by assessing your issue looking beyond your problems and developing a plan of action. Not only do we love to treat short term problems we specialize in complex & chronic pain.

Whatever we are commonly treated musculo-skeletal disorder, Neurological, Inflammatory, degenerative, sports injury, Geriatric(old people), CP , autistic & fitness programme. We are committed to maintain well experienced, highly qualified consultants & all staffs who are doing jobs in Bango Bondhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University(BSMMU) which pioneer medical tower in our Bangladesh.Our team also offer to you safe healing & transforming of your life

A Balance Between Professionalism and Services

A Unique Integrated Health and Wellness Approach. We believe in open and effective services and we work together with all our referral partners. Because of this, Pain Cure And Physiotherapy Center delivers an exceptional standard of care and satisfies the needs of patients.

Team Work Leads to Better Patient Care

Team Work Leads to Better Patient Care. At Pain Cure And Physiotherapy Center, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care. This means that we have different health care professionals working collaboratively. In one clinic, we are able to give patients every possible option to help them recover quickly, safely, and effectively.

Our Philosophy
Cost-effective services.
Skilled specialists work together to deliver optimal health care
To be non-judgmental and open to different philosophies of health care
We believe in empowering our patients with reliable information and the highest level of care


Specialist In Many Diversities

Jahurul Haque

Professor (Cardiologist)

PMBBS, MD (Cardiology)
Professor (Cardiology)
SSMC And Mitford Hospital, Dhaka
Heart Disease And Medicine Specialist

Mahtab Uddin

Senior Physiotherapist

BPT (DU), PGD (Sports Medicine), PGT (JAPAN), Special Training In Manipulation Therapy
Senior Physiotherapist
Rheumatic Fever, Paralysis, Physiotherapy Specialist In
Sports Injury

Tripti Chowdhury


Nutritionist At Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University-
Food And Nutrition Specialist